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Welcome to Majestic-12!

Majestic-12 is working towards creation of a World Wide Web search engine based on concepts of distributing workload in a similar fashion achieved by successful projects such as SETI@home and You can read more details on the project here. Below you can see recent news highlights, but for full details its best to check our forum.

20/11/17 MJ12node v1.7.16

New node with a few changes, please download from here!

15/11/16 MJ12node v1.7.15 (Update 2)

New node with lots of changes, please download from here!

30/05/15 MJ12node v1.7.13

Important update, please download from here!

28/05/15 MJ12node v1.7.12

Important update, please download from here!

5/07/14 Project continues for existing members only

From today we are stopping accepting NEW project members, however the project continues for those who have already joined it!

22/04/14 MJ12node v1.7.11

Important update, please download from here!

25/08/13 MJ12node v1.7.10

Important bug fix, please download from here!

23/08/13 MJ12node v1.7.9

Important update please download from here!

16/10/12 One trillion URLs crawled!

8 years since start of the project we've crawled one trillion URLs! See more in this forum post here.

21/04/12 MJ12node v1.7.8

Important update please download from here!

07/02/12 MJ12node v1.7.7

Important update please download from here!

18/12/11 MJ12node v1.7.6

Important update with a number of fixes please update software from here!

4/07/11 MJ12node v1.7.5

Significant upgrade with support for non-standard robots.txt externsions, get it here!

5/02/11 MJ12node v1.7.0

New generaction of crawler supporting more flexible crawling central server, get it here!

6/12/09 MJ12node v1.6.11

A number of important bug fixes, please upgrade your node here!

24/10/09 MJ12node v1.6.10

A number of important bug fixes, please upgrade your node here!

8/10/09 Majestic-12 finds more than 1 trillion unique URLs!

Majestic-12 confirms Google's milestone: more than 1 trillion URLs found, more here.

21/08/09 New giga-server squared!

A giga-monster-specced server (2x quad Xeons 2.5 Ghz, 32 GB RAM, 24 TB disks) was yet again kindly donated by an from Holland! This server will enable the project to get to a new level of web link graph analysis - in September 2008 we expect to update anchor index to be the biggest publicly available index of its kind.

19/08/09 MJ12node v1.6.7

Small but important update, upgrade your node here!

14/08/08 MJ12node v1.6.6

One more bug fix related to filtering of session ids, update your node here!

09/08/08 MJ12node v1.6.5

An important bug fix related to parsing of XML feeds that used non-Latin encoding, please update your nodes here!

05/08/08 MJ12node v1.6.4

A lot of fixes and better analysis functionality in the new build, update it from here!

11/07/08 MJ12node v1.6.2

This new build features better support for "deep-crawling" as well as some bug fixes, update it from here!

22/04/08 MJ12node v1.6.1

Important bug-fix in the new client, update it from here!

10/04/08 MJ12node v1.6.0

Lots of fixes with much less disk used and more crawling for the same bandwidth usage: download new client here!

04/02/08 Majestic-SEO

Majestic-12 is proud to launch Majestic featuring anchor index - database of over 130 bln unique urls with backlinks and anchor text that can be analysed and reported to help understand relevancy issues that affect ranking of websites in modern web scale search engines.

6/01/08 Small redesign!

This is a small homepage redesign to give bigger emphasis to participants of this project rather than old new that have been archived here.

26/10/07 MJ12node v1.5.0

Many bugs fixes in data analysis module: download new client here.

17/08/07 New giga server

A monster-specced server (2x quad Xeons, 16 GB RAM, 16 TB disks) was provided by an appropriately named company Gigaserver from Holland, which is a big fan of the MJ12 project and wanted to contribute with a really poweful server, many thanks go to those great guys with great servers! This server will be fully utilised with the upcoming "anchor index"! Watch out Big G!

Want to see our full history? See archived news.

Distributed Network Stats

Top 24 users (Today)

1Germany nemercry2,626,540,64873,434,402
2United States serverninjas1,613,764,51044,958,240
3Germany Pr0vieH960,881,10229,832,958
4Belgium bruno28672,222,01219,098,605
5Ukraine tiss600,996,81618,576,345
6Switzerland rauppe31482,943,86011,930,578
7Argentina elvis1374,423,22111,391,098
8United States Omega123,393,2663,645,583
9Germany BalouTheNavigator92,123,8862,720,291
10Ukraine UA_ReMMeR63,656,2671,795,635
11Germany |MatMan|48,206,2171,341,604
12United Kingdom Majestic1238,824,6161,157,624
13Hungary szabob35,751,7031,004,236
14Hungary MJster32,440,595868,840
15Netherlands [eNeRGy]31,125,670890,607
16Finland refic29,865,165833,604
17Malaysia PY 22225,291,657712,735
18Germany GrafZahl16,493,363473,719
19United Kingdom jren20713,889,915395,566
20Hungary BlackDog13,375,858436,954
21United Kingdom Phil13,313,367341,543
22Czech Republic Andol13,100,580419,190
23France Wiki4Games.com11,567,712323,006
24Germany rw20078,006,145257,040
Total (80 users)8,063,844,299230,622,403
Top 24 users (Overall)

1United States serverninjas1,030,187,188,30928,654,628,473
2Germany nemercry665,172,295,45421,354,746,213
3Finland refic635,607,085,80016,548,536,808
4United Kingdom Majestic12569,540,005,54213,649,163,158
5Germany Norman_RKN569,093,373,14413,865,937,453
6Switzerland rauppe31553,264,057,18914,744,398,207
7Germany Nitmeare478,756,463,11511,906,003,111
8Germany Pr0vieH458,143,604,48313,091,908,138
9Argentina elvis1380,664,695,55410,578,451,443
10Ukraine smilesvua313,011,740,1768,327,154,389
11Ukraine tiss292,014,460,7789,279,642,086
12Austria Fusl286,393,059,2357,164,081,371
13Belgium elhoim271,319,409,8117,271,228,733
14Germany BalouTheNavigator217,147,757,4335,838,804,516
15Ukraine UA_ReMMeR196,057,870,2286,235,662,529
16Belgium bruno28116,096,860,8923,121,553,962
17Malaysia PY 22286,423,605,3472,372,143,197
18Russia DeadlyFire85,596,995,6392,258,367,473
19United Kingdom Majestic83,955,272,7181,848,224,277
20United States Razor_FX_II82,110,024,0222,070,936,421
21Germany |MatMan|72,785,079,8632,040,659,747
22United States Omega72,229,374,1892,200,877,315
24Russia lomovoi62,305,216,8871,786,852,469
Total (3611 users)9,179,570,327,793247,629,370,912


Top 24 teams (Today)

1Pirate Party International.2,633,632,85573,657,517
2Team Iowa1,613,764,51044,958,240
8Hungarian Geek Alliance81,568,1562,310,030
9Team Norway38,811,8691,109,842
10Dutch Power Cows33,975,227971,766
12Czech Republic20,275,627635,363
13X Grubbers Kick Ass17,492,733508,582
16BOINC Synergy6,499,863202,479
17French team5,935,022183,348
19TeAm AnandTech5,639,003177,693
22Ars Technica3,107,96697,518
23Team Japan1,916,01355,970
Total (31 teams)7,201,813,691205,864,465
Top 24 teams (Overall)

2Pirate Party International.1,211,807,337,34534,936,195,268
3Team Iowa1,028,963,627,86828,617,566,680
5Team Norway632,142,419,47616,568,526,507
10Majestic Finland116,793,129,3342,953,936,044
11Hungarian Geek Alliance114,877,351,1873,155,428,439
13X Grubbers Kick Ass83,317,578,8832,237,813,160
15Dutch Power Cows76,541,274,0101,980,338,000
17French team65,276,849,6541,702,776,167
19Czech Republic50,922,033,8581,360,543,631
21Knights Who Say Ni!28,687,622,371729,336,772
22TeAm AnandTech26,118,572,261687,766,064
23Ars Technica22,080,449,215605,424,542
24AMD Users20,669,382,783514,493,875
Total (123 teams)7,777,546,373,134209,497,275,165

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