Upgrading Your Node

The node is still under active development and new versions appear once or twice a month. It is essential to keep your node upgraded because bugs get fixed and new features get added regularly. To keep current its a good idea to check Majestic-12's home page regularly (nodes version v1.0.9 will automatically detect and notify you if there is an upgrade).

When you upgrading your node you do not need to uninstall current version (unless you use Beta versions that are created from time to time to address bugs that needed to be fixed).

First exit out of the Node if it's already running (you can do this by bringing up the Node window and going to File->Exit on Windows or shutting down Node using Tools screen in Linux version).

Upgrading a node is a simple task and doesn't require you to download and use the Installer again. Simply go to the download page and download the ZIP archive for Windows or .GZ archive for Linux. Extract the contents and then copy the extracted MJ12Node folder to the place where you installed the Node originally (default location is C:\Program Files\Majestic-12\) and allow the contents to be overwritten with the new files. Note that your configuration and data will NOT be overwritten.

And that's it! Start up the node again from the Start menu and you should have the new version number showing in the title bar of the Node.