In the world of software, things can always go wrong no matter how much time and effort is put in to try and make them as bug free as possible. Sometimes problems can be simple to fix and then other times the problem can even require complete new versions to be programmed to fix the problem. We are always dedicated to bring you the most stable node packed with features, but sometimes things can go wrong and you can help us! If you find something doesn't work, please check the help pages on this site and if you still can't get it to work then please come and tell us about it in our forums.

If it's a problem that you can reproduce then please post it in our Bugs section in the forums by creating a new topic and include as much information as you can such as version number (located in the title bar), any error codes and any information that is located in the log file (located on the activity tab by clicking "View Log")

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If you're having problems with anything that might have been missed in the help documentation then please let us know in our General section of the forums about what you're having trouble with and we should get back to your promptly with an answer to your question/s.

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NOTE: Before posting on the forum please search the forum first and check the section below to see if we're already aware of the problem and know of a solution.

1) My node has stopped for no reason, it won't download any more URL's and won't upload anything.
A) Can sometimes be a disk space problem, so please check you have enough disk space where you have the Node installed. Also it can happen if we are performing maintenance on the database on the super peer or if the super peer goes down for an upgrade.

2) I seem to get huge timeouts with my Node and my uploads are extremely small in size.
A) Often a problem experienced with routers, since the router cannot handle huge amounts of connections that the node can create. Try unticking persistent connections in options and reduce your worker numbers to try and prevent the node from creating too many connections

3) I cannot get the node to use all my workers, why?
A) This is done on purpose to prevent our nodes from overloading websites with connections. Although it may seem annoying, we want to play by the rules of the Internet and not cause a nuisance to other people. Our node will respect any limits that website hosts may have in place and obey robots.txt. The general rule for workers is 1 worker per domain, so if a bucket has 20 domains then it will only use 20 workers no matter how many URL's are left to crawl in that bucket. We will not change this safety system, so please don't ask, thanks :)

4) My node doesn't seem to obey my download and upload limits.
A) Sadly this is something that is very difficult to control since the node workers download pages from the URL's that they are crawling. Since the websites hosting the pages do not have a form of bandwidth limiting then it is the same as if you were downloading a file using Internet Explorer. The way that the limiting works at the moment is to reduce the number of workers when a limit is changed to use either more or less depending on what as been set. The node cannot stick to the set limit exactly, so it will always go slightly over or under the said limit.

5) Do I need to open any firewalls for the Node to work?
A) No, it uses port 80 like Internet Explorer does for downloading and uploading, so it should work fine unless of course incoming port 80 is blocked :o

If you can think of anymore questions that have been asked and already answered then please post in forum!