Registering & Logging In A Node

Every node has to have your registration details. This is necessary to keep track of who received what work units primarily for statistical and secondary for audit purposes. Information below shows what is necessary to do in order to join growing distributed search engine network, the screenshots relate to the Windows version of the node, however Linux version has similarly looking Web interface.

Now that you've installed the Node, you can go ahead a start it up. To do this, click the Start Menu, go to Programs and then locate "Majestic-12"

Click MJ12Node [1] to start it up. You should then be presented with this screen:

This is basically where you will Register your node on network and create your Login so that your name appears on the Stats list and is able to retrieve new work and send back results.

First start by putting in your e-mail address in the box provided. All e-mail addresses are treated as private and confidential and will NOT be resold or rented for spamming purposes.

Next think of a unique Nickname, anything will do but be aware that Nicknames such as first names may already be taken on the network. If you want to check if a nickname is taken then check the user list located here but if you choose the one that had already been taken then you will get appropriate response from server telling you that.

Create a password for yourself, it can be anything you like and any length you like but remember it should be something you would remember. If you do happen to forget your password then just click "E-mail password" to have the password reset to new random one and e-mailed to your e-mail address. Do not use this feature unless you totally lost.

Select which country you live in from the drop down list, we should have all the countries in the world listed but in case we missed one then please post a message in the forums. Don't be lazy -- specify your country because your nick will be shown next to your country flag.

If you have a website, pop your website address in the box.

Finally if you want to crawl particular domains then tick the box/es in the Preferred domains to crawl list. You will only crawl domains ticked if those domains are available, once a domain runs out it will pick any domain at random that's ticked. If any or all ticked domains have run out then it will pick any domain available on the network.

To register your new account, click the "Register" button.

That's it! You've now registered your node and it is ready to receive URL Buckets to crawl!

Using more than one Node with your account

You can also register more computers with separate Internet connections by installing the node, filling in the same details from when you created your account and clicking "Update Details"

This will then register extra nodes on your account and allow you to crawl even more URL's than one node on it's own!

Configuring your node

All nodes have a set of default options designed to let them run behind scene so that you could use your computer and not notice anything. As the result your node will have conservative settings that won't result in the best performance, however you can change this by configuring it.