Profile Options

Profiles are perhaps the least understood feature in the node. They were designed for to allow user of the node to make sure that node automatically runs in the way that you want it to run. For example you might want to make sure that node stops crawling if you play your favourite online game. Or you might want to stop node from doing anything during working hours, but crawl in other time. All this can be easily done using profiles.

Since the project incorporated profiles, there has been some confusion about the way that they work. Profiles can enable you to do anything with the node, including the ability to throttle bandwidth if an application is running, throttle bandwidth during certain times and days of the week and many other conditions that have been included in the profiles. Below you can see screenshot of the main profiles screen.

The concept of the profiles works like this:

1) a profile has to be enabled (checked in the list) in order to be considered for activation
2) each profile can have some conditions set - it will be activated if ALL these conditions are matched
3) each profile has settings that will be applied IF its active
4) profiles are checked for being activated from top to bottom - the first profile to match all its conditions will be activated

Experience shown that notion of priority is the least understood in profiles. So to reinterate - the top most profile has priority and if the conditions are matched in that profile then it will stop at that profile and activate it. Otherwise it will continue going through the profile list checking to see if any conditions are matched.

If NO conditions are matched in ANY profiles then the node will use the default profile using the bandwidth limits set in the Connection tab.

For example in the picture above, the following profiles exist:

Snooze: no conditions set [NOT ENABLED]
Snooze Uploads: no conditions set [NOT ENABLED]
Full Speed when Idle [ENABLED] - If computer is idle for 60 seconds then apply 100% download, 100% upload and 100% workers.
Slow Downloads When Uploading [ENABLED] - When uploading, apply 60% download, 90% upload and 100% workers.

Since the top 2 profiles are not enabled, the node will ignore these and move to the next enabled profile. If the PC is idle for 60 seconds then it will apply the above conditions: 100% download/100% upload and 100% workers. If while this profile is active, a barrel finishes and begins to upload it then it will ignore the "Slow downloads when uploading" profile, because the "Full speed when Idle" profile has already had it's conditions met and is on top of the "Slow downloads when uploading" profile. In order to get the node to take the "Slow Downloads When Uploading" profile and use it correctly, it would need to be above the "Full speed when Idle" profile, and would then take priority. On the other hand, if the priorities were not changed and the "Full speed when Idle" conditions were not met (e.g. you are using your computer at the time) and an upload to the server began then it would use the "Slow Downloads when Uploading" profile instead.

You can use the Up and Down buttons on the right of the list to change the listing priority and use the check boxes on the left of the profile names to enable or disable the profiles on the list.

If you understand the above logic then you should understand how profiles priority works and should be able to easily create your own. There is a separate section on how to create a profile under the heading "Adding A Profile" on the left.

WARNING: Snooze and Snooze Uploads are special profiles that can be activated via Profile menu for a period of time after which it would deactivate itself. It is critical for these profiles to be in the default order, so please don't move your profiles over them as due to priority Snooze may never get chance to be checked for activation.

If you understand all the above then you can proceed to create your own profile.