Connection Options

With these options you can select what line speed you are running, how much bandwidth you wish to contribute towards the project for the default profile, configure proxy settings and other options. This will be discussed in greater detail below.

1) Your connection - A series of preset connection types covering DSL/ADSL/Cable & T1/T3 connections that will automatically set your downstream and upstream settings. If you connection does not exist or the values of downstream/upstream are different, then manually adjust the values in downstream and/or upstream to the values specified by your ISP. Setting your connection speed correctly will allow the node to operate correctly and stay within your connection speed limits -- there is no point to provide incorrect values about available bandwidth because you can always set a percentage of the bandwidth to be used at any time.

2) Downstream/Upstream Values - You can manually change these values if your connection is not listed in the drop down list above. All values are in KBits.

3) Downstream/Upstream Sliders - These are used to control the amount of bandwidth that you contribute towards the project when the node is running on the default profile. It works on adjusting the amount of workers that are used per bucket. You may wish to adjust your downstream slider if you have high download speed and a low upload speed.

Ideal Settings - 50% Down/50% Up for a 4MB connection with 384kbps upload speed would put half of your download and half of your upload speed towards the project. Feel free to play with this setting to see what is best for you and choose what doesn't cause too much disruption to what you do normally when on the Internet.

4) Network communications/Bandwidth check period (secs) - this is used to calculate average bandwidth usage for charting and internal management purposes. It is best to leave these values as they are.

5) Count upstream usage towards overall bandwidth - If your ISP uses caps to control your bandwidth then leave this option enabled. If your ISP doesn't have caps (e.g. Telewest) then you can safely untick this option. If you are unsure then please just leave it ticked.

WARNING: if your connection is subject to low traffic limits then do NOT run node.

6) Connect to superpeer directly rather than via HTTP - This is for your connection to the master server. If you are having problems connecting to receive/send work or your router is causing problems connecting then try unticking this option. For performance reasons its best to have it checked.

7) HTTP Proxy settings - If you use a proxy to connect to the Internet then please supply your settings here. You can also Test your connection to see if your proxy settings are working correctly.

WARNING: while proxy is supported in principle very high crawling activity does not co-exist well with proxies, and thus it is NOT recommended to crawl at high speed if you have proxy.