Installing the Majestic 12 Node on Windows

Installation of the Node itself is very straight forward, but please read on what you need to install before you can run it.

Step 1: getting .NET

You'll need to first go and get a copy of Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, so if you haven't already got it then go download it here (Windows 2000/XP version), if you are running Windows 2003 then .NET should already be installed. If you are not sure if you have it or not, then just download it and try to install it -- it will refuse if you already got it.

Step 2: getting .NET service packs

Then you need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 to ensure that it is up to date and to prevent memory leaks, so go get it for Windows 2000/XP or for Windows Server 2003.

Do NOT assume you have Service Pack (and do not confuse it with Windows Service Packs) installed! Known issues were fixed in .NET Service Pack 1, so please don't skip this step.

Step 3: installing

If you've done the above steps then it's now time to install the node onto your Windows machine. To do this, go the download page and choose either typical wizard like installer or .ZIPped archive. The only difference between them is that installer will automatically add node's shortcut to the Start menu to run it every time you start your computer. The node runs in background, so it is recommneded to use installer for your first install, but after that you can do upgrades using .ZIPped archive.

Detailed instructions below show installation process, if you are an advanced user then you can skip it.

Upgrading the node will come later in another section. When the installer is downloaded, double click on the .msi file and wait for this dialog to appear:

On the following dialog, click Next > to continue...

Check the disk that you are installing to has at LEAST 2 GB (actual disk requirements vary depending on options you choose) or more free as the node can use a lot of disk space while crawling. If not change the folder path to a disk that has plenty of disk space free. Once you are happy with where you want it installed then click Next >.

Click Next to continue...

We're installing! Now just wait for the installer to install all the files for the node.

If you're seeing this screen then everything has gone well, if not you may need to check that you have got enough disk space. If you still can't install the node, then please post in the forums under the General category with any errors that you may experiencing.

Now you need to run the node from your Start -> Programs -> Majestic-12 list, continue reading on what to do next in Registering and Logging on.