Installing Majestic-12 Node On Linux

Step 1: getting Mono

If you're running Linux, then make sure you've got Mono installed. If you haven't got it already then go get it from here.

You can use the latest release, however just for reference v1.0.6 seems to work quite well with the Node. Client had also been tested with Mono v1.1.4 and v1.1.7.

Step 2: unpacking

Next go get the compressed archive from here and put it somewhere suitable. e.g. your user directory.

Then extract it from the archive using this command in your shell.

tar xzvf mj12node_linux_v107.tgz; cd MJ12node

Now you are ready to run it.

Step 3: running

Just like most programs on Linux the Node has a number of command line switches. If you want to see all available command line options then you can run it:

mono MJ12nodeMono.exe -h

Since Graphical GUI isn't the primary interface and due to Mono not fully supporting WinForms a new web based interface was developed for the node (also included in Windows version). This interface provides same functionality as the Windows version. In order to use it you will need to use browser and make sure that node's internal web server is started.

Command line example that runs node with web server enabled on that machine:

mono MJ12nodeMono.exe -s

Make sure that installation directory is present in dynamic libraries path as otherwise sqlite3 DLL may not be found, example:


Additionally you must set the following env variable:


When you run node for the first time you will need to register or provide your login details as otherwise it will NOT function. You can do so by browsing to http://localhost (or use IP/domain name of the box you running node on). You can change port on which webserver is listening on and password protect it in Options area. It is highly recommended that you password protect the Node to avoid anyone else making changes to your config.

The same configuration applies to that of the Windows version however you will use the Webserver to make ALL changes to configuration. You can use the Windows Node configuration help pages provided to assist you with setting anything via the Webserver since their functions are identical.

Report any problems here.