The node

MJ12node was designed and implemented by Alex Chudnovsky. Copyright © Majestic-12 (2004-forever).

This manual

This manual was proposed and drafted by Evil-Dragon whose precise words are left as is.

This is a dedication page to all those that made this help documentation possible.

AlexC - For his wisdom and programming skills that made the Node possible, and for his dedication in the forums both fixing bugs and helping people with his software.

Evil-Dragon - Humm dedicate myself... For putting together and typing up this help documentation for new people running nodes and current users.

And most important of all... The Majestic-12 Community for all their hard work reporting bugs and problems, helping the community and of course running the Node to begin with. After all without people running the node it would have never gone anywhere!

If I missed anyone at the moment then please post on the forum and I will try and get your nickname on here ASAP!