Adding A Profile

In the other section I wrote about how profiles work to clear up some problems that a lot of people have had. In this section I will tell you how to add a profile and what the various conditions do. Most are self explanatory and don't require me to go into great detail, so with that said let us begin :)

The screenshot below shows dialog that you see when you either edit or create new profile.

Above you will see our new profile window that is automatically enabled when it is first added (this can be changed here or in the profiles list) and you need to give it a name, e.g. "Full speed at Night" or whatever it is that this profile will do. Remember -- if profile is NOT enabled, then it will not be activated (unless its special profile like Snooze or Snooze Uploads)


Conditions are the ... conditions under which this profile can be activated. You can select one or more conditions and all selected conditions (known as Boolean AND logic) will have to be met before your profile will be activated. Below are the details for available conditions:

1) If time between XX and XX - This condition is useful if you want your node to be active at night or during the daytime when you are at work. Just adjust the times to what ever time you want the node to be active and what time the profile will deactivate.

2) If day of the week is between XX and XX - This condition could be set so that it will only be active between certain days. E.g. you could set the node to only work on Saturday and Sunday or combine the "time between" condition and the "day between" condition to have the node activate on certain days at certain times of the day.

3) If uploading is in progress - This condition will activate if a barrel is being uploaded to the super peer. It will deactivate when uploading finishes. This allows to (for example) slow down crawling when node uploads data.

4) If PC is idle for XX - You can set the node to be active if the PC is idle for a certain length of time, e.g. When you go and slip away to make a coffee it could set your computer to use 100% download and 100% upload speed. This is ideal option to make node do nothing when computer is used, but run at high speed when its not in use. Idle in this context means period of time during which there were no key presses or mouse moves. Its the same period that screensavers use to activate themselves.

5) If overall CPU usage below XX percent - This condition will activate if the specified CPU usage is below that of the overall CPU usage that session. Useful to prevent too much CPU activity on mission critical servers or home machines. 

6) If today's traffic usage below XX (Gigabytes) / If this month's traffic usage below XX (Gigabytes) - These conditions can be used if you're on an ISP that has bandwidth caps and have your node run at 90% download and 90% upload until the limit is reached and then would resort to using the default profile or use another profile that would stop the node from creating any more traffic.

WARNING: do NOT count on this option as it may be inaccurate, if you are seriously traffic limited then it could safer NOT to run node. If you are traffic capped then you use it on your own risk and this option is only designed to help minimise this risk, but not eliminate it.

7) If these applications are running - You can set these conditions if you wanted the node to lower download and upload speeds if a certain application is running, e.g. if you were using an application like SkyPE for Voice Over IP you would specify the application .exe name in the box and load it up to see if it detects the application as running by clicking the Test button. (NB: If you application isn't detected and it is running then try changing the setting in the Profile Options to use the "Use other method to get processes" and click Test and see if it is detected with that method)

8) Auto-expire at XX - You can set this to automatically disable the profile once the date and time was reached, useful if you wanted to create a temporary profile for the day and wanted it to turn off the profile during the night while you are sleeping. This condition is normally used automatically when you activate Snooze or Snooze Uploads profiles.

Remember that you can select multiple conditions but the profile will only be active if ALL marked conditions are met.

Settings for profile

If all conditions in profile are met or if no conditions were set then the settings that you set in profile will be applied in node's operations. The settings are as follows:

1) Upstream and Downstream usage sliders - these are percents of physical connection you have specified in Options->Connections.

2) Enable external archiver - if you have specified and enabled external archive then this option allows you to override that behavior -- if its not checked then external archiver won't be used. Note that if you disable external profiler globally (Options->Misc) then having this option checked won't make any difference.

3) Use better compression, level - applies if you enabled better compression as well as to external archivers.