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02/01/2007 05:55:21

URLs crawled:


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traglino, John Ong, alexandrelang, budziak, Oliver Sung, Andre Chan, austinoe, lianghong, Jillman, geirhoe, kakashi, alobecdg, zhongbao, Nymbler Chan, evilspyn, donakma, pitaphnu, vrnotalone, zhanghong, skittles, liyiyang, alavacsco, Michael Lee, rainhuang, hjbriel, nedownian, eddiehui, Murphy Ching, gircacak, David Wai, Shafer, TT, roystalee, kongquefon, Claise Hai, ronotek352, mcguire, wbesenyeichen, pauguin, sfaerber, haguann, Proteus, regzwpa, Williams Peng, Teddff, hotspur, yonatabiyu, burticuschen, Leon Chuang, typedrobin, itplayer, goak47 (leader)

Top users (Today)

Top users (Overall)

1Taiwan Leon Chuang6,035,010,787146,509,449
2Taiwan typedrobin2,028,627,97250,564,512
3Taiwan itplayer1,872,635,70944,151,880
4Taiwan goak471,434,066,11832,319,504
5Taiwan rainhuang138,182,0712,800,578
6Taiwan yonatabiyu19,983,480306,477
7Taiwan traglino15,178,838314,409
8Taiwan Proteus11,803,295260,557
9Taiwan alobecdg10,350,869227,067
10Taiwan Jillman8,685,816174,493
11Taiwan zhanghong8,535,787181,479
12Taiwan TT7,679,048160,317
13Taiwan wbesenyeichen6,894,611229,067
14Taiwan Shafer5,660,30585,496
15Taiwan pitaphnu4,938,77289,140
16Taiwan Claise Hai4,738,473103,119
17Taiwan alavacsco4,248,85884,314
18Taiwan vrnotalone3,403,12586,351
19Taiwan hotspur3,177,99355,976
20Taiwan eddiehui3,048,38660,537
21Taiwan alexandrelang2,861,22567,104
22Taiwan Williams Peng2,331,89547,939
23Taiwan gircacak2,299,14843,271
24Taiwan nedownian2,136,76235,788
25Taiwan Michael Lee1,727,42934,431
26Taiwan ronotek3521,682,16626,422
27Taiwan austinoe1,671,09937,435
28Taiwan John Ong1,519,43536,606
29Hong Kong SAR mcguire1,493,85034,361
30Taiwan regzwpa1,214,25325,617
31Taiwan hjbriel1,173,79426,571
32Taiwan Teddff896,65619,938
33Taiwan liyiyang841,19317,081
34Singapore sfaerber786,78123,354
35Taiwan haguann713,3855,583
36Taiwan budziak672,73715,544
37Taiwan roystalee604,64712,580
38Taiwan Oliver Sung544,34610,516
39Taiwan Murphy Ching528,4308,937
40Taiwan kakashi408,1928,916
41Taiwan kongquefon358,8998,557
42Taiwan burticuschen339,4145,485
43Taiwan lianghong315,950457
44Taiwan Andre Chan217,8943,761
45Taiwan evilspyn208,6025,504
46Taiwan pauguin201,2735,106
47Taiwan geirhoe189,9022,729
48Taiwan donakma188,6301,805
49Taiwan David Wai55,156898
50Taiwan skittles11,564215

The following chart shows teams contribution (blue) to overall crawling effort by day.

Last updated: 04 Dec 2021 00:00:11:763 GMT

* data volumes were counted for nodes v1.0.0 or higher from 11 Apr 2005. Once indexing is complete data volumes will be updated retrospectively.
** sustained overall bandwidth usage over whole period of that session
*** URLs and Megabytes (MBs) of data crawled in that periods (Today, Last 30 days, Total)

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