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Knights Who Say Ni! (Join this team)


We are the Knights Who Say Ni!


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02/12/2005 10:03:00

URLs crawled:


Data (MB)*:



Twinkie, jp_notts, kp_notts, knowem1, Wabbit98, Mildew, FurryMark (leader), KWSN_Dagger, ni ni ni!, Plomos, purenitro, Cohiba, KWSN Sir Brian, imcrazynow, KSWN - IcaBoD & Azzitude, KWSN-Sir Papa Smurph, Lloyd M., KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants, MadCow, CADCAM, chris78, anthonytc22, Fart in your general direction, maxsummers, [KWSN] PhastPhred, Al Dente, Cap'n Refsmmat, KWSN Grizzly, Idan Shifres, KWSN_hgs, KWSN - Mr. Snrub, Vesuvius, KWSN - Promethea (the Wanderer), Morbus, Cow_tipping, Toby, KWSN - JerWA, Bellator, Sir Spendsalot at the Stripclub, bender, M4rcu5, chelski, boomshadow, Jitsu

Top users (Today)

Top users (Overall)

1England KWSN Grizzly31,019,653,498784,536,429
2KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants4,210,191,538104,853,672
3Sweden Mildew2,689,771,02863,024,851
4United States Fart in your general direction1,604,112,30943,796,839
5England Al Dente1,332,364,70724,228,115
6Canada CADCAM1,060,448,50625,414,997
7Canada KWSN - Mr. Snrub365,221,2997,169,232
8United States imcrazynow364,279,6926,544,768
9United States knowem1307,130,9167,464,502
10[KWSN] PhastPhred277,464,4626,534,197
11Netherlands Cow_tipping212,410,2395,187,337
12United States KWSN-Sir Papa Smurph183,151,6594,550,806
13United States Toby148,779,8263,317,990
14Israel Idan Shifres64,699,7631,758,049
15United States Vesuvius37,140,823692,637
16United States anthonytc2232,348,959695,917
17Germany bender25,343,069592,260
18United States Sir Spendsalot at the Stripclub24,185,326589,455
19United States Plomos18,814,519410,589
20United States Cohiba14,924,056293,327
21United States KWSN - JerWA13,727,924354,370
22Netherlands ni ni ni!12,251,100257,401
23Sweden M4rcu59,351,571239,843
24Sweden maxsummers9,040,254216,418
26United States Lloyd M.3,316,88655,092
27United States boomshadow3,286,01374,720
28Malaysia chelski2,679,48533,763
29United States KWSN_hgs2,510,00044,939
30United Kingdom jp_notts2,069,66162,157
31Canada KWSN_Dagger1,567,87335,174
32United States Twinkie1,463,30944,494
33Poland Jitsu1,455,43525,948
34France Bellator1,328,89032,406
35Germany chris78638,60010,205
36United Kingdom FurryMark610,00012,480
37England KWSN Sir Brian470,2643,344
38United States Wabbit98433,45710,473
39United States MadCow271,2984,731
40United States Cap'n Refsmmat235,6654,901
41United States KSWN - IcaBoD & Azzitude120,0003,248
42United States KWSN - Promethea (the Wanderer)100,0001,985
43United States Morbus20,000173

The following chart shows teams contribution (blue) to overall crawling effort by day.

Last updated: 07 Dec 2021 08:00:05:747 GMT

* data volumes were counted for nodes v1.0.0 or higher from 11 Apr 2005. Once indexing is complete data volumes will be updated retrospectively.
** sustained overall bandwidth usage over whole period of that session
*** URLs and Megabytes (MBs) of data crawled in that periods (Today, Last 30 days, Total)

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