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02/12/2005 01:09:00

URLs crawled:


Data (MB)*:



brakskit, Chip_M, Spenster, all13d, Gwyden, BurningToad, RedClaw, ars_phil, Katagi, blyndon, Rold Gold, wwusnobrdr, Beyond, Coaster-COG, stalkertj, StratCat, tuxman, nettech, zoku88, Stobby, leavitron, APSBiker, xoiram, cashan stine, BlisteringSheep, Biggles, whizbang, Shawn, Rarian, stargazer257, potatobreath, DigitalConcepts, Dark Star, Soriak, outlnder, Calphor, pointwood, Red Metal, Don H., Hat Monster, Moridus, Sprecher Brewery, bobdoe (leader), Cat Peril, levitate, shy24, trif, MisterOblivious, NotAlwaysPC, Otter, PaladinRPG, Chaosquo-, Chaosquo, ArtfulDodger, VillageBC, Aexoden, aroni125, TheJet, Baenwort, cmorton, Alton, Frikk, mrjackson, Andrew Maiman, Patrick Carroll, loeakaodas

Top users (Today)

1United States loeakaodas184,0139,525
2United States stargazer257116,6825,309
3Marshall Islands Dark Star79,0693,258
Top users (Overall)

1Netherlands Red Metal9,882,189,506249,982,380
2United States loeakaodas8,791,963,727260,051,375
3Netherlands Antilles BlisteringSheep2,371,304,06573,425,252
4United States Otter2,011,914,44057,638,607
5United States TheJet1,135,167,30134,787,850
6Marshall Islands Dark Star1,111,349,42827,777,985
7United States DigitalConcepts1,061,916,73020,748,422
8United Kingdom Hat Monster801,817,15525,270,588
9United States stargazer257610,471,92012,292,344
10United States whizbang539,043,47815,107,414
11United States Andrew Maiman450,263,3959,573,585
12United States Don H.440,256,19911,459,281
13Norway xoiram400,761,28710,923,587
14United States Spenster308,591,0268,542,961
15United States shy24262,763,5196,432,385
16United States outlnder244,447,5914,903,963
17United States Beyond208,826,5165,513,569
18Switzerland Soriak203,202,9564,103,646
19United States StratCat183,058,5193,243,098
20United States ArtfulDodger148,329,0294,044,076
21United States stalkertj141,842,0604,324,729
22Korea levitate130,892,0652,245,147
23United States Alton109,393,0623,192,544
24United States Calphor103,280,3322,814,279
25United Kingdom Biggles56,740,7601,328,641
26United States Sprecher Brewery47,644,0491,118,884
27United States Baenwort42,182,4701,303,279
28Norway Chip_M29,339,285366,889
29United States ars_phil28,213,976715,114
30United States PaladinRPG26,423,487672,375
31Gibraltar Coaster-COG25,200,142531,925
32United States Katagi25,133,381680,855
34United States bobdoe20,294,623390,149
35United States trif19,223,227525,188
36United States mrjackson15,683,744302,095
37United States Patrick Carroll14,070,606344,812
38United States blyndon12,278,027307,849
39United States nettech11,841,605228,148
40Norway Frikk11,796,645211,742
41United States Shawn10,466,342251,722
42United States cmorton9,433,691263,057
43United States Gwyden6,599,64796,067
44Switzerland Chaosquo-6,302,019185,587
45cashan stine5,370,968150,201
46United States MisterOblivious5,063,480138,916
47United States zoku884,977,84965,663
48United States aroni1253,145,98392,360
49Denmark pointwood3,053,17269,275
50Sweden brakskit2,851,42537,049
51Canada Moridus2,208,38567,177
52Switzerland Chaosquo1,918,96233,185
53Canada VillageBC1,657,42346,352
54United States RedClaw1,430,44219,228
55United States leavitron1,176,19925,223
56United States Rold Gold838,98711,398
57United Kingdom Stobby689,53918,602
58United States tuxman177,3213,624
59United States BurningToad158,7492,312
60Canada potatobreath30,000572
61United States APSBiker27,97499
62Cat Peril20,000370
63United States NotAlwaysPC5,000103
64United States Aexoden00

The following chart shows teams contribution (blue) to overall crawling effort by day.

Last updated: 24 Oct 2021 08:55:54:673 GMT

* data volumes were counted for nodes v1.0.0 or higher from 11 Apr 2005. Once indexing is complete data volumes will be updated retrospectively.
** sustained overall bandwidth usage over whole period of that session
*** URLs and Megabytes (MBs) of data crawled in that periods (Today, Last 30 days, Total)

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