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Friendship is Magic



This is a team for all bronies.


18/11/2012 13:51:46

URLs crawled:


Data (MB)*:



d0wn, Spazturtle, SXRXE, Walfas, Chrysalis, jacobschuyler, Shiawacchan, InkBlu, EpStROM, ChiefAnchor, Fir3Chi3f, Raven Rawne, Meus Artis, Cameron_D, Luis_GT, HairTrigger, Miguellos, ajhgfa, Devonx25, PaladinT, Slaigh, Hiigaran, StaCT13, chronowerx, jaller94, Daikami, smiba, pinormous, petyr, Arofire, seatsea, CaptainVinyl, Nobsi, andrew12, SillyFilly, RainbowDashh, GreenPacifist, Thunder, tiwake, derpyponie, 95Jake, lolz_97_BAU, sellyme (leader), vman315, Shadow of Death, Ruthalas, Mr. Nestlé, Sephiponi, Slicerdice

Top users (Today)

1United States Devonx253,773,639125,518
2Puerto Rico Luis_GT926,73129,844
3United Kingdom Spazturtle52,1491,921
Top users (Overall)

1Netherlands smiba38,872,910,382985,404,252
2Australia Hiigaran2,270,664,05654,368,188
3Australia Cameron_D1,575,564,01238,483,214
4United States tiwake1,319,312,93831,994,908
5Puerto Rico Luis_GT1,080,012,47429,396,383
6United States Fir3Chi3f461,974,79412,197,641
7Australia sellyme432,385,09510,307,630
8United States StaCT13211,978,0344,723,763
9United States Slaigh210,213,8305,186,381
10Australia lolz_97_BAU205,391,6544,840,515
11United Kingdom Spazturtle96,691,0942,745,699
12United Kingdom SXRXE65,568,1471,564,408
13United Kingdom chronowerx50,194,0781,140,390
14United States andrew1244,400,920941,178
15United States Ruthalas33,906,914815,311
16Australia Miguellos27,269,471698,902
17United States pinormous25,117,347855,819
18United States Chrysalis23,182,834557,751
19Canada Shadow of Death17,981,434404,731
20United States Devonx2514,323,879388,228
21Germany SillyFilly12,677,373243,615
22Sweden PaladinT12,218,538288,447
23Portugal EpStROM10,391,047241,704
24Japan Nobsi10,283,071249,991
25Australia HairTrigger9,814,642214,919
26United States derpyponie8,340,713168,688
27United States vman3155,706,288142,529
28Russia GreenPacifist4,909,762113,752
29Australia InkBlu3,161,74083,269
30France seatsea2,511,31358,284
31United States Sephiponi2,058,33845,832
32Malaysia Shiawacchan1,950,91346,344
33Germany Mr. Nestlé1,887,21438,040
34Australia Arofire1,495,70133,402
35Germany Daikami1,317,17528,383
36Canada Meus Artis1,120,29023,295
37Germany jaller941,098,41727,086
38Australia 95Jake405,34611,640
39Iceland Thunder331,6056,411
40Australia ajhgfa173,9962,293
41United States jacobschuyler151,4882,446
43United States CaptainVinyl58,7861,439
44United States RainbowDashh39,054515
45Spain petyr32,796716
46United States ChiefAnchor31,827688

The following chart shows teams contribution (blue) to overall crawling effort by day.

Last updated: 24 Apr 2017 14:02:29:807 GMT

* data volumes were counted for nodes v1.0.0 or higher from 11 Apr 2005. Once indexing is complete data volumes will be updated retrospectively.
** sustained overall bandwidth usage over whole period of that session
*** URLs and Megabytes (MBs) of data crawled in that periods (Today, Last 30 days, Total)

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