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AMD Users (Join this team)




The AMD Users team is a team for users of AMD processors. This doesn't mean that you have to have all AMD machines but ethically you should have at least one.


11/10/2005 23:39:00

URLs crawled:


Data (MB)*:



outlawolf, Chiron, FrippeSr, Empty_5oul, arni, cicide, mrongey, Beerknurd, grobie, rrcrain, MiHost, moving fusion, Team Aqua, DMMc, jlangner, AMD_PCZ, spjeff69, ototero, indianguy, swhite4784, Hermann, Nflight, GaryRW, job-centre-uk, temtaime, moops, Frederic Brillouet, peteoc, Superzerocool, x3n0by8, mitro, BlackAdder, AMDave, gamer007, anih, Raven_2250, slafseslangen, moppi, TechnoFreak, sandos, _CrzyRed_, jakethepug, Pavarr, Sheff, fengduan, AMD-USR_JL, ahab3333, linuxbren, NeoGen, Lagu, aalerich, nunor, hcdenton, bwhite, salmonbones, necrotic, Steve Lux, vaughan (leader), Virus-X, meshmar, dark13mage, spikey_richie, 00quick00, Liuqyn, bl4h, choi, Smithers, War, Terry, Drezha, comp, numibesi, Bloodsplat, Scooter, kenkku, Gordon Nick, sentient_life, stefer, leha, PRince_SOT

Top users (Today)

Top users (Overall)

1Germany arni5,364,294,552129,532,844
2Poland anih4,671,406,244112,616,706
4United States Steve Lux1,996,269,08952,132,924
5Portugal NeoGen1,287,948,82435,718,238
6United States moops1,262,701,04332,092,126
7Russia temtaime746,707,02321,146,823
8United States linuxbren351,684,5727,664,228
9Belgium Frederic Brillouet209,256,3636,006,490
10United Kingdom Sheff172,839,4853,951,040
11United States bwhite160,563,9563,521,294
13United States Team Aqua96,047,4371,594,068
14United States ahab333395,709,2202,157,055
15Sweden Lagu93,779,2141,425,115
16Ukraine job-centre-uk54,626,0171,444,146
17United States sentient_life52,625,3131,512,630
18United States grobie47,199,3171,119,201
19Australia vaughan39,400,861844,191
20United States BlackAdder33,880,000616,819
21Russia PRince_SOT33,742,106789,829
22United States mitro31,612,698493,328
23United States outlawolf20,123,609402,188
24United States AMD-USR_JL17,436,676305,622
25United States MiHost14,289,262315,718
26United Kingdom salmonbones14,074,251210,537
27United States Nflight13,730,000223,337
28Norway slafseslangen13,487,055241,362
29United States Scooter13,401,860249,192
30United States jlangner10,986,000189,367
31United States Beerknurd10,837,349179,740
32Australia AMDave10,136,885153,561
33United States meshmar8,870,811169,429
34Ukraine leha7,849,091170,428
35United States War7,425,447196,495
36United States DMMc5,920,823121,691
37China fengduan5,517,89480,165
38United Kingdom TechnoFreak4,515,16193,728
39Portugal numibesi4,303,13974,869
40England ototero4,036,31174,997
41England Virus-X3,694,97376,294
43Brazil _CrzyRed_3,468,43469,360
44United States rrcrain3,366,46850,844
45United Kingdom Empty_5oul3,190,00057,076
46United States Terry2,828,92467,278
47Luxembourg nunor2,776,11251,990
48Germany hcdenton2,699,73841,447
49United States GaryRW2,600,35258,030
50Netherlands comp1,650,71725,849
51Chile Superzerocool1,624,39242,727
52Canada Chiron1,590,00025,795
53United States jakethepug1,350,00021,236
54United Kingdom Bloodsplat1,334,88019,588
55United Kingdom AMD_PCZ1,300,00023,938
56United Kingdom moving fusion1,300,00023,203
57United States necrotic1,293,15023,848
58Canada gamer0071,200,00023,226
59Malaysia x3n0by81,097,00627,094
60Spain Hermann895,15118,795
61United States bl4h865,72517,522
62Finland kenkku684,88112,315
63United Kingdom peteoc558,19619,525
65Poland Pavarr330,0006,013
66Sweden sandos300,0004,887
67United States dark13mage179,4392,978
68United States stefer179,2282,351
69United States Raven_2250120,0002,392
70Sweden FrippeSr100,0002,249
71Australia 00quick0082,691992
72United Kingdom Drezha81,1511,776
73Germany moppi80,0001,358
74United States mrongey19,826687
75United States indianguy10,000254

The following chart shows teams contribution (blue) to overall crawling effort by day.

Last updated: 04 Dec 2021 00:00:11:763 GMT

* data volumes were counted for nodes v1.0.0 or higher from 11 Apr 2005. Once indexing is complete data volumes will be updated retrospectively.
** sustained overall bandwidth usage over whole period of that session
*** URLs and Megabytes (MBs) of data crawled in that periods (Today, Last 30 days, Total)

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