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18/07/2007 17:22:53

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buzzzis, csv, Nixdorf, armilus, Twinkle, Arioko, MOROZILnic, Eric_G, Separatist, Reality, Ni Hu, gofman71, hobbut, Foxeed, Grom, Strah4, cepesh, vectoroc, Studennikov_Sergey, red/EviL (leader), Heg, dll3, samiello, sxenuar, Mentor, dimychhbm, TheOld, flysats, Myp, XPEH, itsme, Di, grayint3, XtoZee, 0xd34df00d, nikaragua, ANder, pentusha, gofman, backwar, calixao, KoST, Nipal, Andryl, 3RR0RZ, astraloid, Artiem, PavelEf, PinkPartyPony, Zoldy, Spy Gates, Raon, Armagedets, meshochek, XVilka, Dan Dare, naksar, Ex1l, stzn, pazzl, trisf, SoftDed, HaraldR, Shoo, apparentus, Nico, EU, Badj, edevyatkin, saurial, grobodel, Haeldar, pasha0707, Maniak2000, KoSTaN, Foma, lator, dramele, NorthCat, -[MADS]- Demid, Bychevskiy Dmitriy, MadDevil, oleg, files32, SlowDeath, AACH, Myasiwa-iGOR, bootvirus

Top users (Today)

Top users (Overall)

1Russia Bychevskiy Dmitriy1,461,818,67240,892,046
2Russia armilus691,951,60017,673,445
3Russia Ni Hu575,081,97816,746,916
4Russia flysats438,348,69813,372,477
5Russia Raon402,407,29712,897,829
6Russia lator379,540,44410,487,486
7Russia SoftDed277,383,7687,415,927
8Russia pasha0707212,025,9696,062,593
9Russia Di209,171,0555,945,811
10Russia pazzl181,604,6034,587,528
11Russia Andryl133,015,2963,256,853
12Russia Grom125,824,0973,697,883
13Russia grobodel125,518,0193,731,847
14Russia -[MADS]- Demid114,759,9052,748,609
15Russia 0xd34df00d102,340,2182,805,000
16Russia Arioko93,530,4772,526,333
17Russia Myp80,711,4222,318,831
19Russia Zoldy51,307,6251,212,988
20Russia calixao49,310,632968,779
21Russia KoST31,513,140634,168
22Russia Dan Dare28,859,026718,708
23Russia Myasiwa-iGOR27,170,586746,957
24Russia 3RR0RZ26,433,538481,244
25Russia Badj19,707,040531,423
26Russia Separatist17,447,305365,822
27Russia MadDevil16,439,112421,981
28Russia red/EviL16,178,026278,504
29Russia apparentus15,167,992313,008
30Russia Nipal8,549,247214,077
31Russia backwar7,597,332177,000
32Russia bootvirus7,397,476245,760
33Russia MOROZILnic7,048,305145,588
34Russia hobbut5,955,239123,140
35Russia Artiem5,564,990104,119
36Russia TheOld4,189,83292,260
37Russia Haeldar4,178,783131,755
38Russia HaraldR3,674,38290,320
39Russia samiello2,592,35156,036
40Russia Twinkle2,366,65555,149
41Russia XPEH1,844,11549,069
42Russia Mentor1,770,89040,038
43Germany stzn1,671,86149,999
44Russia Reality1,469,28033,270
45Russia Armagedets912,15625,571
46Russia cepesh897,86017,099
47Russia PinkPartyPony825,47219,919
48Russia meshochek737,09418,382
49Russia buzzzis721,93715,455
50Russia XVilka711,51119,474
51Russia trisf680,54617,496
52Russia grayint3547,6527,712
53Russia Studennikov_Sergey456,3537,930
54Russia dll3376,7749,770
55Russia Ex1l348,53610,280
56Russia naksar328,2388,634
57Russia dramele300,8448,176
58Russia itsme215,6505,756
59Russia PavelEf204,4754,642
60Russia Spy Gates161,9753,145
61Russia KoSTaN159,4894,489
62Russia files32146,9232,936
63Russia XtoZee127,4792,650
64Russia vectoroc101,6282,491
65Russia Strah489,6071,255
66Russia EU79,9772,642
67Latvia dimychhbm68,6331,537
68Russia gofman7152,0131,577
69Russia pentusha49,8961,272
70Russia ANder40,7411,005
71Russia NorthCat29,988919
72Russia Heg29,230415
73Russia Nixdorf24,935756
74Russia Nico19,997512
75Russia Eric_G16,413200
76Russia Foma9,997151
77Russia Maniak20009,718267
78Russia Foxeed9,444235
79Russia AACH6,267143

The following chart shows teams contribution (blue) to overall crawling effort by day.

Last updated: 04 Dec 2021 00:00:11:763 GMT

* data volumes were counted for nodes v1.0.0 or higher from 11 Apr 2005. Once indexing is complete data volumes will be updated retrospectively.
** sustained overall bandwidth usage over whole period of that session
*** URLs and Megabytes (MBs) of data crawled in that periods (Today, Last 30 days, Total)

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